Stories of a Lifetime: How to join this global story project!


“How might we keep local legends, myths and fables alive whilst also sharing our place in the world?”

Stories of a Lifetime came together after a project between my foundation class and Jason Milner’s year 4 class in Sydney. For World Book Day 2016, my class studied stories from Australia as part of a whole school worldwide story project. To bring story telling to life, Jason’s class wrote and retold the story of Tiddalic the Frog. They illustrated the story and pieced it together using iMovie. The impact this form story telling and knowledge exchange had on my early years class was huge! Hearing the story retold by children who care about the story was much more meaningful, giving them greater context and a purpose to retell and write this story themselves. Here you can see children in my class writing the story of Tiddalic the Frog…


“This is a boxed-up, ready to go, 1 week project I can use with my class. It’s a cross-curricular, local study my class work on and technology brings it together.”

We are now looking to build upon this experience with a bank of stories from around the world. Stories of a Lifetime is a place where local stories will stay alive forever. The stories will be wrote as scripts and retold by children in classrooms around the world. Children will illustrate the stories themselves and teachers will upload these video stories to Vimeo. They will submit the embed links to the Stories of a Lifetime website where we will link to them the country and region they are from.


“It’s global collaboration without me needing to find any global connections myself.”

Children will be able to watch these short, 3 minute video stories from their classrooms and respond to them on their own class blogs. They will share their responses as comments on the class’s Vimeo page which is accessed through the Stories of Lifetime website.


We imagine teachers using this resource as part of a week long project beginning with children researching their local area to find out what stories make their place famous, well-known or proud. They will work in teams to write the script and create the images from their own artwork. Bringing all of this work together, they will use story telling apps like Puppet Pals, Stop Motion, Book Creator or iMovie. Their stories will play for 3 minutes and you could host a class competition where the winning team can submit their story to Stories of a Lifetime website. You would upload their story to your school’s cloud video storage solution (such as YouTube or Vimeo) and share that embed link with us on the Story of a Lifetime website submission form. We will then embed your story video in to your country’s section on the site. The Stories of a Lifetime website has advice on what apps you could use to record the stories.

“Sharing stories is fascinating. It helps us  make comparisons between our place and yours.”

When I visited Brazil in October, Stories of a Lifetime was a lesson that I team taught with Roberta Ferraz at ABA Global School Recife. I shared the story of Robin Hood from Nottingham and the children learned the story. They retold it with their own images in Puppet Pals and are now researching their own local stories to share on Stories of a Lifetime website.


Could you contribute to this project with your class?

Teachers from South Africa, Brazil, The Netherlands, Scotland, America and Canada are working on their stories right now. Could you join this project and submit your class’s story from your country or region too? Visit the Stories of a  Lifetime website to find out how you can submit your story.

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  1. […] Marc Faulder, a teacher in Nottingham, England and myself have taken on a journey. A journey to share these stories and to record them in a way where the world can hear them. Part of this journey involved me having the privilege of visiting him at his school in the UK to discover the stories of his local area and see how this project has impacted his Early Years classroom. Marc is an outstanding teaching who focuses on how the use of technology can enhance classrooms around the world. […]

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