The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Video

I’m always excited to hear from followers of my blog and connecting with readers through Twitter or by e-mail. Recently, teachers from Mere Green Primary have shared ways they have been using the Young Children Can Create books, which I published with Kristi Meeuwse and Jason Milner in August 2018. This is the third blog post which has been written by Rebecca Murray from Mere Green Primary School. In this post, Rebecca shares the impact that The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Video guide has had on early years practice.

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Rebecca Murray is the IT Lead for Early Years at Mere Green, she has 5 years of teaching experience in Early Years and promotes the use of iPads to encourage levels of independence.
Mere Green Primary School is an outstanding two form entry, family orientated school. We are driven to ‘make a difference’ for all our children, through support, nurture and trust. In addition to our mainstream children, we also have 20 places for children with statements for speech, language and communication from North Birmingham, who have enhanced speech provision across the school day. We are a fully inclusive primary school, which reflects the society in which we live.  We have a whole school vision for embedded use of IT to enhance authentic learning opportunities.


We had recently deployed 1:1 devices in our Year 2 class but realised that some of the basic skills of iPad usage were missing, meaning the children could not yet be independent content creators across a range of media.  Children are not necessarily digital natives! We were looking for a resource to implement into our Early Years classes, that would enable children to skilful users of iPad before they reached Year 2. 

The Young Children Can Create series of books have proved to be an ideal starting place!

Our Experience with Young Children’s Video

In recent years, we have seen a trend where children have moved away from watching traditional TV programmes, in favour of YouTube videos, with many now aspiring for a future career as a ‘Youtuber’.  Yet in the Early Years, they rarely have the opportunity to create a video themselves. Having iPads in the classroom is an opportunity for children to capture everyday learning, allowing them to extend their understanding further. The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Video has a wealth of creative and imaginative ideas that can be easily implemented across the Early Years, bringing learning to life!

From the Young Children Can Create book “The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Video”, a curriculum was created with the goal of enhancing the use of iPads across the Nursery and Reception. The book gave staff a bank of skill based activities they could adapt to their year groups and across the provision to enhance learning. In particular allowing students to develop greater understanding of the world around them and relationships between things. Using the books, a progression of skills were created to advance children’s skills and creative processes. Giving staff freedom in planning and child initiated learning, providing children the opportunity to take ownership of the ways in which they chooses to present their learning. 

Capturing Learning 

By using video in the classroom it allowed the children to capture learning in a way beyond the one dimensional page. Children in Reception were able to use time lapse to record the moment a chick hatched. This proved to be a valuable learning experience that without the use of  iPads would only have been able to be described verbally. The children now understood that they could use video to demonstrate learning.


The children were then encouraged to take this further by filming and studying the chicks, capturing their learning in a fun and interactive way! The children used video to organise, structure and demonstrate their leaning. The children choose to present their learning in different formats. Some chose to use Clips whilst others used Chatterpix using skills they’d learn from The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Drawing and Photography books.

Nursery began the term by learning how to hold the device and achieve the best quality video, in filming short video clips in their environment. Focusing on starting and stopping a video. They then shared these with their classmates, which was found to have great benefits for the children’s confidence and self esteem. Furthermore it resulted in increased levels of speech as children were encouraged to speak up to be heard. They progressed on to using Chatterpix to show organise their learning. For example, when looking after the class Guinea pig, they created videos recalling what they had observed.

Maths Reasoning 


This half term in maths Reception children have been focusing on addition and subtraction word problems. The children were encouraged to show their understanding in solving the problems. The use of video allowed the children to independently show their reasoning and capture this evidence, which previously would not have been possible. 

Read more about creating Maths Journals here and capturing the language of maths.

Teacher Feedback

At the end of the half term teachers were given the opportunity to feedback on how The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Video has impacted children’s progress:

“The use of video in the classroom has allowed the child to apply their learning in many different ways, encouraging them to explain their understanding in a greater depth”

Reception Teacher 

“Children’s speaking skills have increased as they learnt they had to articulate clearly and speak louder to be heard by the microphone”

Nursery Practitioner 


This journey over the past half term has made it clear how the effective use of iPads can create an environment which celebrates all kinds of individualised learning. Children are able to interpret and articulate their thoughts and learning in an individual way, consequently enabling teachers to assess children’s understanding. Video has become a tool in which children are no longer sitting, but actively moving round and taking ownership of their learning. The children have the freedom to create and personalise their learning. Allowing children to bring their voice and choice to their work, providing deeper opportunities for engagement and mastery. Children were found to stay engaged for longer periods of time, levels of listening and attention significant improved when given the freedom to create something different. iPads enabled rich learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum where creation and imagination was at the forefront of all learning. 

Future Plans

As we move further into our journey with using the Rich Potential of Young Children’s Video we hope to embed this further across all areas of the curriculum. Encouraging even more personalised learning and supporting the children to understand that in learning there are different ways they can approach a concept, challenge or problem. We hope for the children to become even more independent and creative in representing their own ideas as their skills progress throughout the year.

Read more about using video to capture children’s scientific understanding here.

We are at the beginning of our adventure with the Young Children Can Create book series and look forward to implementing the ideas from The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Music Making next!

Thank you to Rebecca for sharing more ideas from the Young Children Can Create series. To read about her work with The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Drawing book click here. Rebecca also wrote this article on The Rich Potential of Young Children’s Photograph which you can read here.

All of the ideas shared in this post are detailed in the free Young Children Can Create Photography guide. These 4 free guides are published on the Apple Book Store right now and written in partnership with Kristi Meeuwse and Jason Milner. Don’t forget to read more about purpose of The Young Children Can Create series here as well!

The Rich Potential of Children’s Photography


The Rich Potential of Children’s Video.

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 19.34.45

The Rich Potential of Children’s Drawing.


The Rich Potential of Children’s Music Making.



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