I Never Ran For The Bus

I'm a teacher who went from school, to college, to university and in to the classroom. My entire life has been spent in school studying for exams and working towards qualifications.

At school, I wasn't sporty. I had a place in the hockey team at secondary school (for a short period of time!) I also had a go at playing the double bass. But sport and music weren't for me. My PE teacher at secondary school once said 'You'd be better at tennis if there was a hedgerow between the courts you could lean on for a chat'.

So, I took to art and carried on with that to A Level (I'm a teacher who doesn't have to say excuse my drawing in front of the class now!)

I've been teaching for 4 years now and I've just hit that point in my career where I've found more of a balance. I've got my style, I've built up a collection of books and those bigger events in the school calendar like parents' evening and report writing no longer feel massive.

Something is missing though. I'm starting to feel like I need to do something else that keeps me focused but takes my mind off of work.


I've made friends with a couple of teachers over the last few months that are runners and they rave about it. It's inspired me to make a comeback to sport and make a good go at it.

I recently met friends, Carrie and Caitlin, in Amsterdam for a short stay and Caitlin took to the streets for a few 6 mile runs during our stay. I thought she was crazy!

I thought the same with my friend John, he will always find time to run at Apple Distinguished Educator Institute. I can barely keep up with the pace of the agenda nevermind the pace of a run!

But as I think of what they gain from running, I think that I want in!

So I picked up some cheap kit: a simple t-shirt and shorts.

I picked up some more expensive kit: socks and trainers.

I'm running in Asics gel fortitudes. They cost around £60 which seemed to be middle of the range. I'd got a little obsessed with insteps and almost booked myself in for an appointment at Decathlon to study my feet. Then my friend said all I really needed was a £10 pair of Nikes and just get on with it! I bought the Asics and left the shop feeling ready to run.