Free Download: Magnetic Letters!


If you’re a regular visitor to my website and download many of my free lesson plans or books then you’ll know that I often collaborate with Kristi Meeuwse from As Kristi is returning to the Kindergarten classroom this year, we’ve been busy chatting about the apps we both love to use in our early years classrooms.

One thing that is either a paid for resource, or comes bundled with so many other art features it distracts from literacy, is a lowercase alphabet app for spelling. We are not suggesting to replace all of your physical magnetic letters with digital manipulatives, but we’ve all been there when we want to work with a group or young children in phonics and takes way too long setting up each board with the right amount of letters (and that’s before you realise you haven’t got enough or some are missing!)

So for those moments when you want to work in a larger group in a quick spelling activity, we have this free download for you!

To start using this resource:

  1. Make sure Keynote is installed on each iPad,
  2. Then download this file onto your teacher iPad,
  3. Airdrop it to the class devices,
  4. Open the file in Keynote on each device,
  5. Tap ‘Edit’ in the top right corner,
  6. Let the children spell words with you!

Alternatively, you can download the file onto each device in the class by going to in Safari.

Download the free letter board file here.

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