Enabling Environments: iPads in the Early Years (£2.99)

This book has been designed to introduce you to iPads and how they can be used within Early Years. Marc Faulder is a practising Early Years teacher from Nottingham, UK. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Marc offers practical advice in this book, with video tutorials and examples of children’s work straight from his classroom. The book guides you through a Portfolio of Changes, helping you to understand how each section can transform learning in your setting.

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Enabling Environments: A Computing Curriculum Beginning in Early Years (£2.99)

This book has been written for the Early Years practitioner or Computing Coordinator of a school looking to further embed the use of technology in their Foundation 1 and Foundation 2 settings. Marc Faulder, an Early Years teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator, provides a complete skills curriculum from 30 months to the Early Learning Goal in this book. Chapters introduce a skills curriculum, the assessment and progression of the skills and a thorough planning document to show how technology enhances learning in all Early Learning Goals.

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Download Your Free ‘Young Children Can Create’ Guides Now.

These 4 free guides are published on the Apple Book Store right now and written in partnership with Kristi Meeuwse and Jason Milner. Read more about The Young Children Can Create series here.

The Rich Potential of Children’s Photography


The Rich Potential of Children’s Video.


The Rich Potential of Children’s Drawing.


The Rich Potential of Children’s Music Making.


Nursery World Magazine: Learning & Development (Four Part Series)

Computational Thinking and The Characteristics of Effective Learning


View Articles Here.

Shape Recognition Resources and Activities for Early Years: We’re Going on a Shape Hunt


Free Lesson Plan published by Teach Primary magazine.

View Article Here.

5 Ideas for using Touchscreens in Early Years


Article published by Teach Early Years magazine.

View Article Here.

Press, Play, Pause


Article published by Practical Pre-School magazine.

View Article Here.

Connecting Classes Across Continents: Early Learning Edition (Free)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 14.31.22.png

This is the early learning edition of Connecting Classes Across Continents book. This book explores ‘why, how and what’ to do when thinking about starting global connections in your classroom. The book acts as an introductory guide which will sign post those who need more information to an iTunes U course populated with project templates to follow.

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We’re Going on a Shape Hunt! (Free)

d3_100_2x.png Shape hunts happen every year in early years and primary classrooms. They are a great way for children to notice that their world is made up of 2D and 3D shapes. This course aims to enhance your shape hunts by embedding iPad apps in your planning and activities.

Use this course as a starting point for your planning or even with your class. The course makes simple suggestions of how to use apps to document your shape hunt, and how iPads can continue to build understanding of 2D shapes after your shape hunt.
A Notes for the Teacher section of this course also provides examples of children’s work and video tutorials for using some of the apps included in this course.

Click Here to download my free Lesson for the Classroom “We’re Going on a Shape Hunt”

One Best Photo (Free)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 09.05.04

This course is designed to lead you through a photography project a Forestry Commission site.
This activity is self-lead at the forest site, where you will teach your children 4 photography skills: perspective, texture, black & white and panorama. The course includes a recommended route to take through your forest which will help you to tell the story of a working forest through photography.
The Forestry Commission have 3 priorities: people, wildlife and timber. Your children’s photographs should capture these stories through the 4 photography skills.
All of the apps, examples and resources are included in this course are free.

People, Wildlife and Timber (Free)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 09.04.52

This course has been designed in partnership with The Forestry Commission to teach sustainability and relationships between people, wildlife and timber.
These lessons walk Key Stage 2 children through a series of challenges at school and their local Forestry Commission site. It concludes with a Challenged Based Learning project in their local area which showcases what they have learned from their work with a local Ranger.
All of the apps, examples and resources are included in this course are free.

Other Publications:

Journal entry: “Press, Pause, Play” – Practical Preschool, February 2017

Journal entry: “5 ideas for using touchscreen to enhance early years learning” – Teach Early Years magazine, January 2017

Journal entry: “Small Children Blogging about Big Issues” – Talk for Sustainability – Primary Geography, Geographical Association, Summer 2012

Case Study: Tweeting for Teachers “How can social media support teacher professional development?“, Pearson Education

Case Study: Games Based Learning isn’t just for ChristmasEuropean Electronique

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