Recommended Apps

Talk for Writing & Book Creation apps


Puppet Pals HD

Morfo Booth


Green Screen by Do Ink

My Story

Book Creator

Blog Posts to Inspire:

Our second week using iPads in Foundation – Let’s be published authors!

Using Puppet Pals beyond story telling.

Bringing Stories to Life with iPad

One Best Photo: a Forestry Commission Project.

Puppet Pals is still a staple app for Early Years!

Podcasting in Early Years: Singing with Major Tim Peake!

Kinectimals Inspiring Writing

Teacher Authored Texts in Early Years

Maily! e-mail that’s possible in early years.

A Local Area Study with iPads in Early Years

Computing apps


These apps are useful for skill application in a structured level progression.

Kodable (FS)

BeeBot (FS)


Daisy the Dinosaur (FS Exceeding)

Cargo Bot (KS2)

LightBot (KS1)

These apps are useful for skill application in a more open ended, creative format.

Scratch Jr (FS Exceeding – KS1)

Game Press (KS2)

Hopscotch (KS2)

PureFlow (KS2)

Blog Posts to Inspire:

Programming Apps for Early Years and Key Stage 1

Start Unplugged! Coding in Early Years.

MakerSpaces: Foundation Stage Best Practice in Key Stage 2

The MakerSpace: A Foundation Stage Challenge

Story & Coding with Dash and Path.

Light and Dark Exploration with iPad Controlled Toys.

Designing and Controlling Bumper Cars with Dash Robots.

Mathematics apps and Maths Journals


The Maths Learning Centre collection

These are free maths apps which are open-ended resources, and there are free web versions of these resources also.

Blog Posts to Inspire:

Enhancing Practical Maths with Math Journals and MyStory app.

Enhance Early Understanding of Shape with iPad and Animation Apps

Enhance Early Understanding of Shape with iPad and Padlet

The Language of Maths

Shape Hunts with Pic Collage

Themed Learning and Topic Planning

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 19.01.58

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 18.22.46

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 07.08.17Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 08.01.24

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 08.45.26

Planning Resources to Download

dj.rqimcdlo.600x600-75Enabling Environments: iPads in the Early Years (£2.99)

This multi-touch book has been designed to introduce you to iPad and how they can be used within Early Years. Marc Faulder is a practising Early Years teacher from Nottingham, UK. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Marc offers practical advice in this book, with video tutorials and examples of children’s work straight from his classroom. The book guides you through a Portfolio of Changes, helping you to understand how each section can transform learning in your setting.

Click here to view on iTunes.


Connecting Classes Across Continents: Early Learning Edition (Free)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 14.31.22.png

This is the early learning edition of Connecting Classes Across Continents book. This book explores ‘why, how and what’ to do when thinking about starting global connections in your classroom. The book acts as an introductory guide which will sign post those who need more information to an iTunes U course populated with project templates to follow.

Click here to view on iTunes.

We’re Going on a Shape Hunt! (Free)

d3_100_2x.png Shape hunts happen every year in early years and primary classrooms. They are a great way for children to notice that their world is made up of 2D and 3D shapes. This course aims to enhance your shape hunts by embedding iPad apps in your planning and activities.

Use this course as a starting point for your planning or even with your class. The course makes simple suggestions of how to use apps to document your shape hunt, and how iPads can continue to build understanding of 2D shapes after your shape hunt.
A Notes for the Teacher section of this course also provides examples of children’s work and video tutorials for using some of the apps included in this course.


Click Here to download my free Lesson for the Classroom “We’re Going on a Shape Hunt”

One Best Photo (Free)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 09.05.04

This course is designed to lead you through a photography project a Forestry Commission site.
This activity is self-lead at the forest site, where you will teach your children 4 photography skills: perspective, texture, black & white and panorama. The course includes a recommended route to take through your forest which will help you to tell the story of a working forest through photography.
The Forestry Commission have 3 priorities: people, wildlife and timber. Your children’s photographs should capture these stories through the 4 photography skills.
All of the apps, examples and resources are included in this course are free.

Further Resources

iTunes Store For Educators:

This store gathers all of the apps, books, courses and resources you need for embedding iPad in your curriculum. Download free lesson plans and books published by Apple Education and Apple Distinguished Educators from this store also.

Inspiration for Teachers website:

This is where you find a feed of ideas, hints, tips and updates from Apple, schools and educators.

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