Using Puppet Pals beyond story telling.

I have always been a fan of the Puppet Pals and it was one of the first apps I came across when my journey with iPad began. At BETT 2013 I worked with Ian Wilson ADE again and we had a lot of time to chat about new apps. During the week the Puppet Pals 2 app was released and that was one of the apps we talked about. This addition to the Puppet Pals series makes further use of animation and has some very cool characters which interact with other objects on the set… But we agreed that the simple charm of the original app was what we liked. I have always enjoyed putting in my own characters straight from books, and Ian talked about using the app beyond the obvious story telling purpose.

He explained how he has used Puppet Pals to discuss physics, moving objects (put in as characters) around a plain white background and recording the conversation in the app. Straight away I thought this was a great idea and I knew that when the opportunity came for me to adapt this to an early years context I would pull it out of my bag of tricks…

And the time came to use it…

Pancake Day! We read and wrote the instructions to make pancakes, we made pancake faces with sponge paints… And we planned our pancake fruit faces on Puppet Pals. Check them out at

Here’s how we did it as a class.

I used the iPad to VGA adapter to mirror the class iPad through the projector.
Using the Safari browser we went to Google, and I ask the class ‘what is Google for?’ and they tell me ‘to answer questions’. So I asked them what fruit they liked, and we put ‘fruit’ in to Google.

The children soon told me they liked apples, so this went in to Google

This didn’t give them exactly what they expected, and we talked about why. We decide we had to give Google some more information… ‘Apple slice’

That was better and we began to save picture from Google images to the iPad for use in Puppet Pals later… (Press and hold the image you want to save, release and click Save Image)

Repeat this for all of the fruits the children like…

I then opened Puppet Pals and together we imported all of our fruit pieces as characters..

Next we inserted a picture of a pancake for the background.

Here is our stage to design our pancake face and talk about our choices “first I will use an apple for the eyes and then a strawberry for the mouth” (the CL objective is to link statements together, using first and then)

There you have it, using Puppet Pals beyond story telling!

Check out the children’s work at

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