A theory about outdoor education from The Simpsons #ukedchat

I have watched this episode of The Simpsons many times and always wanted to do something with it.

It gives me a lot to think about, and I know that I have a lot of work to do to improve my outdoor opportunities. Sometimes I don’t always feel confident with the open ended nature of learning outside, I don’t always know how to plan it and how to explain it to others. Sometimes we are not prepared for weather with the right clothes and I know that is always the best times to be outside (puddles, mud, snow). Sometimes I’m not always prepared to take the risks involved in climbing, building etc.

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Games Based Learning: Just Dance in PE

I produced this short video with Louise Allsop (@louallsop84) to show at BETT 2012 on the European Electronique (@euroele) stand. We decided to post it on my blog too, enjoy!!

Watch how Louise Allsop, Year 1 teacher, uses Just Dance fro Nintendo Wii in her PE lesson.

Changing Spaces: Improving Continuous Provision Areas in Foundation 2

Over the Spring Term I began researching classroom organisation and looking for other ways to use the areas in my classroom. I had observed children’s activities during their choosing time and found that the library was one of the places few children visited during a session. I also noticed that the children would role play whatever their imagination wanted, rather than stick to the theme we had set in there that week or term; post office, kitchen, DIY store, construction site…

What could I do to enhance play? What could I do make sure children access the spaces with more energy?

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