Your First Class Book Project

Creating class books is something I remember doing as a child in school. We would all contribute a page by drawing and writing. Every member of the class had something to put in and our book would be displayed proudly in the classroom library. Do you remember those kinds of activities too?

They were very manual tasks, with a lot of potential for practising literacy skills but gave so much pride in our work too! The sense of a real audience for our class book was so motivating.

The problem was, we only ever made 1 book and if you wanted to show it anyone, they had to come in to the library. What if your class book could be shared in an unlimited capacity, to anyone, anywhere?

It’s now possible with Pages book templates and creation tools.



Pages is a free app from Apple for your iPad and to make a class book, you only need 1 iPad! This is great first activity for book making in an early years classroom, where each child can add their own page to the class book.


Make Your Mark on the World!

I’ve linked this activity to International Dot Day, a festival where young children celebrate both their creativity and their positive contribution to the world. But this activity can work as an ‘All About Me’ activity without having read the book ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds (but I strongly recommend that book as it’s brilliant!)


I’ve created introduction pages at the start of the book to guide you through the activity and what work might look like. To add content to the page, children simply tap the + top on the top right of the screen. Here they can select to use the drawing tools, add voice recordings and open the camera to snap a selfie. The beauty of the camera means that this book is not necessarily a digital only tool. Making use of the camera means that children can add photographs from their classroom, of their creations or from their local area.

Young Children Can Create.

The possibility of book creation with young children has always been endless, and this activity further enhances this experience. Children are using technology at home more than ever before and they are exposed to cameras in almost any gadget they pick up. It is our responsibility to teach children how to create with technology as their use at home is different to their use at school.

At home, children (and adults) are using technology to consume more information than creating their own work. This isn’t necessarily a problem, we all enjoy watching our favourite TV show, listening to music and playing games. It is the balance of consuming versus creating that makes it a potential problem.

Introduce your young learners to book creation with Pages and you can start to teach them how to make other choices on their devices at home. What if you were to set a home project where children create digital books about home once you’ve taught these skills? Imagine the rich experience of bringing video, sound a photographs from their home in to school to share!

Get Started With Book Creation.

To start creating your class book for International Dot Day you can download my free book template here.

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