One Best Photo: a Forestry Commission Project.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 09.05.04This month I am proud to announce the publication of free lessons that I have created in partnership with The Forestry Commission Learning Rangers.

In July 2015 I met with the education team from Sherwood Pines to talk about this potential project and how we can work together to bring technology and outdoor learning together.



I have taken my class to Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire for the past 3 years where I have always planned some forest photography. In this activity my objective is to teach the 4 & 5 year olds photography skills and how to take their ‘One Best Photo’. So many times teachers open their iPad camera roll and see dozens of selfies or repeats of the same image. This experience in the woodland is designed to teach children photo etiquette and provide them with the skills needed to be real digital artists.

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The Learning Rangers at Sherwood Pines welcomed this proposal and discussed how they aim to bring their key messages to young learners through trips to the forest. School visits to Forestry Commission sites need to teach children about the relationship between People, Wildlife and Timber. These messages are woven in to ‘One Best Photo’ and children use photography to tell the story of People, Wildlife and Timber.

Take a look at the trailer for this project:

Free Resources, Free Planning

The One Best Photo resource pack is free to download from iTunes and is available right now. The pack contains all of the teaching points and plans you need to run this activity, including maps of the forest, objectives for Early Years and Key Stage 1 as well as examples of children’s work to share with your class.

The children use a free app called Pic Collage to take their photographs and organise them on their iPad. You will have seen from the trailer above how striking many of these photographs are!

For Key Stage 2

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 09.04.52


The message of People, Wildlife and Timber can be explored in Key Stage 2 also. I have designed a Challenge Based Learning project around these key messages which incorporates a trip to a Forestry Commission site as well as follow up project back in your local area. Again, all of the resources in this pack are free.



Beyond Nottinghamshire? Can’t get to Sherwood Pines?

The project is available to book at Sherwood Pines and this site best equipped for you to make the most of these resources. All you have to do is get your class there! You can of course use these resources in any woodland area. The messages of People, Wildlife and Timber can be, and should be, observed anywhere! You can also take these resources to any Forestry Commission site in England as all forests promote these key messages.

Back at school we visited our woodland area to observe People, Wildlife and Timber in our local area. Take a look at the photography here:

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We also set up a ‘One Best Photo’ gallery area where children could review each others work and make comments on People, Wildlife and Timber as well as the photography skills of the artist.


Available Now on iTunes

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 09.05.04



Download ‘One Best Photo’ Resources here




Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 09.04.52




Download ‘People, Wildlife and Timber’ Resources here

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