Skype Calls in the Foundation Stage.

Today was such an exciting day.

Over the half term I organised a Skype call with a K class at Avenues School in New York City.

It was the first time that I had planned a video call with any class, let alone Foundation children, and I didn’t know what to expect at all.

The call was an incredible experience and surprised me on so many levels. I was amazed at how confident the children were (both my class and the Eagles class at Avenues). They very quickly understood the concept of the link and listened so attentively to the speakers so that they could answer the questions.

All of the children spoke so clearly too. This took a little a bit of coaching with my class beforehand and we had a practise Skype call with a local nursery the day before.

Before the call we had a lot of talk about the globe, maps of the world, travel and New York City. The purpose of looking at another school and locality was so meaningful when we made the link on Skype.

It was wonderful to see how much the children enjoyed the experience, and how they laughed at each others joke and humour.

I really felt like I was giving my class a good personal and social experience, and one which was purposeful to them. They chatted about birthdays, weather, home, sports, games and toys. Before the call I asked my class to think about all of the positive contributions that they make and what talents they have so that they can talk about themselves positively to our friends on Skype.

I have some work to do before the next call with another school. I need to help my class progress in their turn taking in conversation. They need to be able to elaborate on the responses given to questions.

I’m looking for more links so that we can Skype with other Foundation and Kindergarten classes. These can be from anywhere in the world, including the UK. It is such an exciting and surprising experience.

Watch the whole video on our class blog: http://foundationstagebjps.wordpress.comImage

To read more about our experiences with Skype and building in it our projects and themed learning, visit this post about International Dot Day and this post about my global collaboration with Early Years Apple Distinguished Educators.

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