Spread The Happiness

Every so often I write about the other areas of my classroom environment and best practices. It’s not all about tech for me, but the rest of my early years provision is the best practise that others share so well online. Sharing my ideas with technology is what I feel I can offer to others as something different, in return for their inspirational blog posts and photo tweets.

The last couple of weeks have been really exciting as I have been working closely with Shonette Bason-Wood of ‘Spread the Happiness‘. Even though we have shared online for a long time, inviting her to keynote at my spring TeachMeet is when we really got to know one another.

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Enhance Early Understanding of Shape with iPad and Animation Apps

Animating with iStopMotion

iStopMotion brings stop frame animation to early years for the first time. The app allows the children to see their last taken frame on top of the live view of the next image they need to take. This shows them where to place the object they are animating for the next shot. This feature is known as an onion skin. Here is an example of this feature from teachwithvideo.com.


At first glance, this app lends itself perfectly to story telling, language and literacy. This year though, I had an opportunity to enhance shape, space and measure with iStopMotion.

Apps to use – click the app names to take you to the AppStore

Free: iMotion – this app does not have an ‘onion skin’ feature.

Paid (lower price point ): iCanAnimate – this app does have ‘onion skin’ but does not record sound/voice of the animation

Paid (higher price point): iStopMotion – this app has both ‘onion skin’ and sound/voice record.

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Enhance Early Understanding of Shape with iPad and Padlet

Shape Hunting around School.

This adult led activity happens in so many foundation classes, and I have led shape walks many times. During these walks, we carry a bag of plastic shapes, and we match the plastic pieces to real objects. This happens for 2D and 3D shapes. The children might even mark off on a clipboard the shapes they spotted, like bingo, or draw pictures of the shapes they have seen. By the end of the walk, they have all recorded the same shapes in the same places. I wanted to enhance this experience, to make it more collaborative. To do this I used Padlet.

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