Challenge Young Children for Change.

“Education is a great equaliser. It is a powerful force for equity and opportunity, and it empowers the next generation to discover the world around them”. Lisa Jackson, Apple.

Young people have made their voices heard on important global issues such as climate change, equity and equality. Through protests, demonstrations and discussions young people are speaking out and standing up for change.

How can we prepare our youngest learners to be engaged and active in meaningful discussions about change in their future?

A Rainbow Of Friends

This teacher guide is designed to start conversations about racial, ethnic and cultural similarities and differences with young learners. The guide begins with an age-appropriate story written by Kristi Meeuwse.

‘Kai’s Story’ sets the scene, introducing your class to a young boy who only draws in blue. His mother shows him how colourful the world is by noticing his friends and their interests that are similar and different to his.

Following the story, there are a series of linked activities that explore the skin tones, diverse families, exciting languages and unique homes of your class and of other children around the world.

Download ‘A Rainbow of Friends’ for free here.

A Better Planet

The Better Planet series of books builds young children’s understanding of plants, animals and people. These are sequential guides and purposefully starts with plants and their impact on our world. Moving on to animals, children explore how they impact our world and live alongside plants. The third book investigates the impact people have on plants and animals.

Your class with explore their local area and share their findings using photography, film, sound and drawing. They will journal and reflect as they learn which will prompt discussions about climate change and what they can do to make a better planet.

Download The Better Planet books here.

With rich learning opportunities and thoughtful resourcing, we can prepare our youngest learners to become active participants in a world where they can challenge and change society.

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