RAINDROP: A creative home learning project for rainy days.

Learn how to create your own Raindrop Comic of photography, drawing and audio in this simple book for parents and teachers.

Download RAINDROP for free on Apple Books here.

Activity 1: Photo Walk

Learning Intention

To make careful observations.

To use focus and the shutter button to take close-up photographs.

Activity 2: Raindrop Characters

Learning Intention

To use colours and lines for a purpose.

To know how to edit photographs with markup.

Activity 3: Rainbow Talking Points

Learning Intention

To think of what characters might say as speech.

To use record and stop audio functions.

Activity 4: Raindrop Comic

Learning Intention

To use type sentences in to speech bubbles using early literacy skills.

To insert speech bubbles and text boxes.

Download the free book for parents and teachers on Apple Books here.

And for dry days, checkout Rainbow!

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