Nottinghamshire County Council iPad Networks

This academic year is already shaping up to be a great one with many exciting projects planned for my class already. Some of these I have blogged about already but today I want to write about the iPad Networks for Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) schools.

During the Summer Term last year I began talks with consultants at NCC about the possibility of running a specific training program for schools in the district with iPads. I have worked closely with the ICT team over the last 2 years, delivering workshops, presentations and drop-in sessions around my use of iPad in school.

This year we are taking this to a greater level and providing 6 iPad in Education Network meetings throughout the year. These afternoon Networks will be termly, 3 for the North of the county and 3 for the South. All of the Networks are attached to the popular ‘ICT Subject Leaders Network’ which will run in the morning sessions. Attendees in iPad schools, or those interested in adopting this mobile technology, can attend both courses as a full day option.

Planning began this week and with 3 sessions throughout the year I am able to plan for a greater depth of training. Working with the support of Craig Wilkie, we have organised the course on iTunes U and we are looking forward to sharing this tool with our attendees. Our personal aims for the Networks is to develop a greater understanding of what good uses of iPad looks like in lessons by exploring the use of iTunes U and Challenge Based Learning in the classroom. We also want to delve deeper in to assessing the impact iPad is having on learning and create a monitoring and assessment tool with ICT Leaders. Whilst working at this higher level we will also explore apps and lesson plans along the way, evaluating these apps against models such as SAMR.

As an Apple Distinguished Educator I will also provide vital updates around Apple in Education and walkthroughs for enrolling to the Volume Purchase Program and setting up Mobile Device Management solutions.

I am very excited by this opportunity and I cannot wait to get to know even more iPad schools in Nottinghamshire and further develop our use of iPads in education. And of course, as an Early Years teacher, this course will illustrate iPad from Foundation upwards. Be sure to mention this course in September and book on early!

Course Dates and Booking Details:
18 November 2014 Edwinstowe House

19 November 2014 Bestwood Lodge

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