Our INSET day: Using iPads to Create Movies and Animations #ukedchat

Background Information

Classes at my school currently have 1 iPad per class and staff have struggled to integrate these into classroom life.

Towards the end of last year I began a partnership with European Electronique (@euroele) to promote the use of games and apps based learning in the classroom environment. After working at the BETT Show with the company, they organised an INSET day at my school to train staff to use an iPad as a collaborative learning tool in the classroom. This promoted the effectiveness of a 1 iPad classroom, proving that tablets can be used creatively and successfully beyond 1:1 ratio.

Apple Distinguished Educator

Photo 21-02-2012 06 27 52 PM

European Electronique arranged for Neil Emery (Apple Distinguished Educator, @neilemerydotcom) to lead the INSET day and staff engaged with several apps on a single iPad to create a short movie animation. The INSET was very enjoyable, with lots of laughter and hands on, practical advice (some staff have even called it the best INSET ever, though this might have been because Neil offered £10 iTunes vouchers to winning teams!) Neil demonstrated how to create content on a range of apps and bring them all together in iMovie.

Here is an example of one of the winning team’s work:

What about iPad 1?

Even though the apps used were demonstrated on the school’s iPad 2s, some classes still have iPad 1s. I have been wondering if a similiar outcome can be achieved, without damaging how simple the whole process was for the staff. Morfo and Puppet Pals can be used on an iPad 1, and if users wish to include their own images in the apps then a digital camera and the Camera Connection Kit could be used. This means that the iPad is still used as a stand alone device, without the need to sync to a computer.

iMovie is an App available for iPad 2 only, however there are other movie making apps available on AppStore but I am unsure as to whether or not they are compatiable with an iPad 1… do let me know!

Work in School After the INSET

Please see www.class5.posterous.com for examples of children’s work using these apps to create their own movie animations. Before this INSET day, some staff had a limited understanding of how a single iPad could be used with 30 children. Staff were unsure on which apps to use and what could be created on an App. Since the training, staff are more confident in using 1 iPad with a group of children and are more focused on the outcomes possible from using App technology rather than what the iPad is as a tablet PC.

One thought on “Our INSET day: Using iPads to Create Movies and Animations #ukedchat

  1. This is brilliant Marc – ADE status is just around the corner! Well written and extremely useful to your staff and other school staff from around the UK !

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