Second Social Run – Wollaton 10K

Running with work is going really well and it’s a great escape from our day-to-day life together. The group is growing, our site manager runs with us too, and there’s talk of a competition.

In my first year of running I always thought I wasn’t a social runner. I had a lot of hang-ups running with others and I’ve always point-blank refused to look at competitions. I’m really enjoying this group though and seeing the progress others are making too.

There is a 10K at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park in June and this is well within my ability to complete. It’s a good start for me as the pressure of working to that goal is off. I can focus on running with friends and enjoying a competition, rather than having to coach myself to achieve the distance. This is comfortable place for me to try a competition.

The race day was a small event. Around 100 people there I’m guessing and the course was twice around the park. It’s a fantastic park to visit with lots of good view points so I enjoyed the first lap of the course. The second lap was harder mentally, even though I can run 10K, as I had to repeat what I had already ran. I was running with a friend at work who was new to this distance and I found myself saying ‘one more corner and we’re done’ too much!

We had a great run though. It was a fun event and my first event too.