Work, Well-Being and Winter

The weather is taking it’s toll on me again. It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s relentlessly raining. I am over the January optimism that Spring is just around the corner. My Apple Watch data is telling me that I did I completed 16 runs in January and 8 in February. I need to do something to bring my running back up to the standard it was at.

My friends again are telling me about competitions being a motivator and I’m still hung up on those first experiences running with a friend. But it’s almost a year since I started running now, and that was only 9 weeks in to running.

Well-Being is a topic at work and our staff body are sharing ways we get a work-life balance. There are a mix of teachers at school who are at different stages of running. John has ran marathons and enjoys long distances, Nat and Lorna are new to running, Jenny is attending lots of cardio classes and boot camps. And I am somewhere in the middle. All of us are in that winter slump and we can get through it together. It’s still light after school now but by the time we get home it’s dark. Twice a week we are bringing our running gear to work at heading off for 20 – 30 minutes together.

We stick together at the same pace, which I am managing to do for the first time. My body is much more relaxed as a runner now, I can take a slower pace. This means I can also talk whilst I’m running, which was one of my worries back when I tried a 10k with my friend Siobhan.

These work runs have been happening for a few weeks now and they are good fun. We get out in the rain, in the day light, in pairs or groups. It’s lifted my running schedule from low back to high. Even more, it’s become part of my work day and the emphasis on well-being has meant it’s ok to leave work at 4.00pm to do this.

I’m also seeing a benefit in my personal runs at the weekend. These slower, more frequent runs in the week are improving my performance on longer runs at the weekend. My pace is up and moving towards 7 minutes a mile.

Spring is coming and I’m back on it.