Running in Dubrovnik

Summer is here again and I made it through the winter. Running with work helped me break through those winter and early spring months. A competition along the way helped and I also took great interest in the London Marathon.



The day of the London Marathon I took to the streets for a 10 mile run and completed that at my usual pace of around 8 minutes a mile. It’s also taking me around 1 hour 25 minutes to run for 10 miles which I’m proud of.

I’m thinking back to last summer when I went to San Francisco and how far I’ve come since that spring time using Couch to 5K.

I also remember what that post-holiday, September-life was like and I don’t want to fall in to that trap again.

That was my incentive for my holiday this year. We had a week in Tenerife in October which I didn’t write about. It was a 7 day break in the half term and I took my running kit with me, I managed a 5K run each day of that holiday and it helped us to find places to eat as I was running up the hills and along the back streets.

I did the same for Dubrovnik this August. We had 1 week in Dubrovnik before 1 week on a cruise from Croatia to Italy and Montenegro. On the cruise we do a lot of cycling so I wanted to take a few runs around Dubrovnik the week before the cycling.

It was hot and it was uncomfortable when I didn’t plan my runs carefully. I found myself running up steep hills in high temperatures if I hadn’t looked at a map. I was also without wifi on these runs so I had to be prepared. I learned from my mistakes quickly and figured I should stick by the coastal paths.

These runs were 30 – 40 minute breaks between the day and evening. Quick adventures and snap shots of a country. I found a spot down by the sea on some rocks that I could run to and spend 10 minutes at. I enjoyed the break to cool down before heading back.