Colour Run

Life in our new home is great and summer has given me the time I needed to explore the countryside around me. I’m running long distances regularly, making 10 miles a regular habit again. I don’t often run less than 4 miles here as there’s a lot of space and variations to take in runs that keep me going the distance.

I’m also fortunate to have great neighbours around me. There a few other runners and we are taking to the country park together at the weekends to do longer runs together.

I entered one of those colour obstacle runs with my neighbour and this was the 3rd running competition I’ve been part of. It’s a good spirited competition. There isn’t really much competition about it, a distance less than 5k with no measure of time or distance on the course. The purpose is to be active and have fun. Lots of participants would walk the distance between the obstacles too. It is a good natured event to see more people outdoors.

The inflatables are fun. Make sure you wear long sleeves and leggings though, it’s easy to burn knees and elbows on them. This was fun event to take part in at the start of summer to welcome in that brighter weather and longer days.

This would be a good starting point if you’re getting ready to run. There’s no pressure to run the distance in its entirety and it’s designed to be stop/start all the way. If you’re thinking about running, this is a good event to try after a few weeks on the NHS Couch to 5K podcast. You probably need to be at around week 4 for an event like this.