City Running: London

This year the Apple Distinguished Educator Academy was based in Windsor. It was Tuesday – Friday and I had my goal set on achieving the Perfect Month award on my Apple Watch activity.

I went to the Academy 2 weeks in to July with 2 perfect weeks. I couldn’t let the busy Academy agenda halt my progress towards the Perfect Month award though. This week pushed my limits as far as exercise goes but the chance of getting this achievement award focused me.

IMG_0181.PNGTuesday morning before I drove to Windsor was easy, I took a 30 minute run before setting off.

Wednesday I woke up at 5.00am and left the hotel at 5.30am for a 30 minute run (that is the earliest I’ve ever ran and there should be activity award for an early start!)

Thursday was a pretty hectic day on the agenda so I only needed to fit in a short run to close my move ring. I took a 2.4 mile run in 20 minutes around the streets.

Friday we checked out of the hotel and I headed in central London. There was plenty of walking that day and I closed my move an exercise goal for the day easily.




Saturday was a tough day. I spent Friday and Saturday with a friend in Greenwich and it was a very relaxed day after a busy week with the ADEs. At 8pm I was driving home and at 6pm I had only achieved 100 Cals on my move goal. Drastic times call for for drastic measures! Between the thunderstorms I took a chance to dash out around Greenwich. There was a high chance I’d get caught in a storm and be completely soaked in shorts and t-shirt. I was so close to my 3rd perfect week for July though, I couldn’t let it slip away.




I was so glad that the Perfect Month achievement motivated me on the Saturday. I got a 4 mile run in Greenwich, with no rain and the only blue sky of the day. The moment I got back to my car to drive home, the rain started again. What I got, was a run through Greenwich Park, to one of the best view points of London city.

With nobody around.