Bluetooth Headphones

I’ve been using the NHS Couch to 5K podcast for a week now and it’s a really good introduction to running.

This covers so many aspects of learning to run. From warming up, managing your breathing, setting a pace and learning what running should look like.

What I’ve struggled with for the first week is the mechanics of listening to a podcast whilst running. This is interval training, so for the first week I am running for a minute and walking for a minute.

When I am running, I am yanking the headphones out of my ears. I’ve tried to run the headphone lead through my shirt. I’ve also picked up an iPhone armband (I noticed other joggers with them). My iPhone EarPods keep falling loose though. I guess they aren’t made for exercise?

So I ordered Bluetooth headphones. Cheap ones from Amazon. I’m trying to keep the cost of running as low as possible, to see the gains of running greater than cardio at the cost of a gym.

I came across two designs. 1 design is a fixed plastic c-shape unit which goes behind your head. The second design is a more flexible, rubber like unit which tucks itself around the back of your head.

Both designs cost around the same price £10-£15. I ordered mpow Cheetah.


The charge lasts for around a month’s worth of running (16-20 runs at 40 min a time). The sound is good. Connections to iPhone Bluetooth is easy. The iPhone shows the headphone charge percentage on screen by your iPhone battery charge too. That’s quite useful, not always accurate by the lower half of charge, but the headphone does tell you when battery is low. They are comfortable and you can skip track, change volume or answer incoming calls with the headset.

This has solved my problem. I can run comfortable with these long lasting headphones and they are great value for money.