Apple Watch Music: my own playlists

I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made in running and now I am running longer distances 4 times a week.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 5k

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 5k

Friday: 5k

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 10k


My pace is settling between the 8 – 9 minutes per mile and I can maintain this on a 10K run too. My Apple Watch is giving me personalised data that I am using to my advantage, it’s formative (teachers like that). I can see my strengths and weaknesses in a run from the data I’m given and I can set new goals for myself.

My bluetooth headphones are still working a dream too! But now I am feeling like I run with too much stuff: iPhone, headphones, water bottle, keys and Apple Watch.

As I am learning to use my Apple Watch, I have discovered that music (up to 250 songs) can be synced to it. This means I can cut out my iPhone from my workouts. From the Apple Watch app, I can head to the Music menu and select a playlist to sync to the watch. My bluetooth headphones can also connect directly to my watch.

It’s one less thing to carry and the watch is still able to function on a run without my iPhone. It’s pretty smart and I like having that little less on me whilst I’m running.