Apple Watch activity sharing

I don’t think I can say I’m not a social runner anymore. It seems like I like run in crowds, compete and now, motivate others!

Activity Sharing is a watchOS 3 feature and it connects you with friends with Apple Watches who complete workouts and earn achievements throughout the day. I’ve got a handful of friends using this feature on their watches, and most of them are Apple Distinguished Educators. It’s good fun to connect with these friends through workouts when we are all in different parts of the world: one of us is always active when you glance at your watch.

Here’s a look at how it works:

I get a tap on my wrist when a friend has completed an activity or made a daily achievement. I view some data from their workout or what their achievement it. I can reply with some positive praise (or some trash talk). At any time I can see the progress they are making in their day. It’s a good way to be sharing workout information privately with friends without having to submit data to a third party app or online community too.

It’s just a glance in to their work, I’m not seeing any personal information like location. I can also switch this feature on/off on a daily basis too. It’s just a bit of fun that’s added another layer to the Apple Watch achievements which have helped progress my workouts.

We enjoy sending trash talk, emojis and taps to each other to keep going!